Air Stage

Blond:ish  Fred P Rampa Makam Boris Werner  ATA  Art Alfie Mimi Love KMLN Bas Ibellini ♦ Ray Zuniga  Peak & Swift Jonathan Kusuma  Bryan Kessler ♦  Esther Silex Dave Dinger  Tiago Oudman Sylvie Forêt Dr. Kessler Ricardo Who? Archie Trigan young Dr. Yez Kai

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Awan Stage

Mo Kolours  Martha Von Straaten  Estray  Herbert Quinteros  Kuauhtli Vasquez  Walker  Giselle  Raio  Temple Step  Moontide  Brian Hartman  Kula  RifRaf  Elah & Ausierra  Paskal Suraj  Malaika MaVeena ♦   Madhu Honey

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The Air Festival

For our fourth year we are embodying our vision of unity, sustainability, sacredness and epic good times even more strongly. This year is the year we ground our fondest dreams and sweetest intentions into the sparkling sands of our dance floor under the stars with more joy and presence than ever before.

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Survival Guide

The weather in Bali is perfect, if not a little warm. Be sure to bring plenty of sunscreen and anything else you would…

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